Objective/Criterion D: Reflecting

  1. What was challenging about this project? What was easy about it?

  • The challenging portion of this project was formulating my plan at first. The easy part of this project was putting together my fundraiser and researching my sources.

  1. What did you learn about the community? Misconceptions? Affirmations?

  • I learned that certain communities do need help with money and resources, and one affirmation included raising money for the project.

  1. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your project. Discuss your strengths and weaknesses in completing the project.

  • A strength of the project is that it is well-formed and accurate. The goal statement is aligned with the global context. The global context, Globalization and Sustainability, connects to the IB community project’s goal by showing how we are all connected, making decisions about global issues, and acting in a responsible way to make the world a better place. Some weaknesses included finding an organization I wanted to donate to at the beginning of the project.

  1. How do you evaluate the quality of the project/outcome against each of the criteria you created?

  • I think that the outcome per criterion is accurate for what I wanted the quality to be within the project.

  1. How could you have improved your project/outcome?

  • I could have added more information and statistics to the project to provide more evidence that homeless people do need items within the community. Also, I could have raised more money for the fundraiser; however, the winter storm impacted the project.

  1. How has completing the project extended your knowledge and understanding of the topic and the global context?

  • Completing this project showed me that homelessness is rising in the Houston community and also all around the world. Homelessness needs to be stopped and I would like to be part of the reason it is stopped.

  1. Identify how you have developed as a learner (using the IB learner profile as appropriate).

  • I have become more principled because I possess the traits of being a leader. I am knowledgeable because I came up with quick and helpful ideas for my project and community.