Objective/Criterion C: Taking Action

Demonstrate Thinking Skills

  • Creative Thinking Skills were used during the beginning of the “Taking Action” process. To create the website, ideas had to be generated in new and different ways. This included generating new ideas and formulating, “what if” questions to drive further inquiry. Knowledge and skills were used to solve problems if/and when items needed to be reorganized on the website.

  • Critical Thinking Skills were used during the “Taking Action” process. To effectively determine the variables for the website and the number of users who were aware of homelessness on one day while using the website, an analysis was formulated, website patterns were identified, similarities and differences were reviewed, and unique features for this equation were identified. An evaluation was made based on the number of visitors using the website on one day. The data was interpreted, and a conclusion was made based on the supporting information of the final data.

  • Additional thinking skills I developed during the project included application transfer by making use of current knowledge. This included application in multiple contexts by applying knowledge and skills to local contexts. These skills were used while updating the website and marketing the fundraiser.

The thinking skills fall under the “Approaches to Learning” or “ATL’s”.

Demonstrate Service as Action as a Result of the Project

  • I wanted to help less fortunate people in our community. Through my work, I wanted everyone to understand that we are all interconnected on a local and global scale.

  • I set a goal of two hundred dollars through the fundraising site, JustGiving.com. I only raised $125 (62%) due to the winter storm and Covid-19; however, I believe I made a difference for the homeless community.

  • When I started the IB community project, I knew I wanted to volunteer and make a difference in our community. I was able to provide indirect services to the homeless population within our community. While I did not meet my original goal of $200, I believe I did make a difference in the lives of others as a result of my indirect service/project.

  • The video below will give a better explanation of understanding advocacy and action:

Demonstrate Communication and Social Skills

Communication skills involve exchanging information by listening and speaking. Literacy skills are also necessary, and this involves reading, making connections, writing notes, and typing. Information Technology is also included in communication skills and this involves communicating through MS TEAMS, the HUB, e-Mail, or any other electronic form of communication. Critical thinking and conscious choices are required when presenting information online. Social skills involve self-control and emotional intelligence. This also includes interpersonal skills, mutual respect for others, social intelligence, and the ability to resolve conflict.

  • How did you use and develop communication and social skills? The IB community project was an individual effort. I had to communicate with my supervisor, Ms. Cantu, my parents, and members of the community to complete the IB community project. Communication and social skills are skills that fall under “Approaches to Learning” or “ATL’s.

(Appendix M)

Enhanced ATL's Matrix.pdf
  • How did you communicate with your supervisor? I communicated well with my supervisor. The meetings were typically held during PUPS class and were very short because Ms. Cantu had to meet with many students during a short period of time.

  • How well did you work with others (i.e. the school, your parents, community resources, your friends, etc.) to accomplish your goal? The IB community project was an individual effort. I am an effective communicator. Upon completion of the final reflection and project, I will share the online fundraiser and personal website with my parents, on social media, and present to my peers and teachers at school.

Measurement of Outcomes

The outcome of the IB community project was measured by the following methods:

  • I measured the data/visitors to the website each day using Google Analytics; and

  • I reviewed the fundraising proceeds daily on JustGiving.com.

  • In addition, the following variables were used:

X: Amount of days the website is up and running

Y: People per day

“y= 1d + 6” - 1d equals one day and 6 equals how many people were aware of homelessness on the day of using the personal website.

Analysis of Results

The outcomes of the IB community service project were as follows:

  • The results were determined by logging into JustGiving.com;

  • I did not meet my original goal of $200; however, I did raise $125 (62% of my goal).

(Appendix H)