Criterion A: Investigating

Goal Statement

I will reflect on how everything in the world is connected, and explore how I can act responsibly while serving Houston’s homeless community. I will serve Houston’s homeless community indirectly by creating an online fundraiser for SEARCH Homeless Services, and creating a personal website to market the online fundraiser.

Goal Highlight

The goal highlight is to provide indirect services to the homeless community in Houston, Texas.

Prior Learning/Subject Specific Knowledge Relevant to the IB community project

Before the IB community project, I was aware of the homeless problem within the Houston community. When I first began the IB community project, the homeless community needed many items to survive during the winter. Prior volunteering experience has taught me that homelessness was and is still a significant cause that needs to be addressed at local and global levels.

Demonstrate Research Skills

When I started the IB community project, I knew I wanted to volunteer and make a difference in the community. I was not sure where I could make the biggest impact for the community. I originally started my IB community project researching online. I decided I would volunteer at the Houston Food Bank. During the winter break, I reconsidered my project, and I revised my goal statement and proposal. I changed my focus to provide indirect services to the homeless population within our community.

Most of the research for the IB community project was sourced through the Internet. The sources provided information about the homeless population in and around the Houston community.

“According to the recently released results from the Coalition for the Homeless’ annual point-in-time count for 2019, there were 3,938 individuals experiencing homelessness in the Greater Houston area. While this represents only a small decrease from the previous year’s count of 4,143, this year’s result also represents an incredible 54% reduction in overall homelessness since 2011” (SEARCH Homeless Services, n.d.).

(Appendix I)

With research and action, I hope to make a difference with the IB community project by providing indirect services to Houston’s homeless community at SEARCH Homeless Services, gain a better understanding of the homeless problem in our community, and make a significant difference in the lives of others

According to Swamplot, “The number of people placed into permanent supportive housing, which has no limit on how long a person can stay and is connected with intensive social services, has jumped 81 percent over three years, according to the coalition” (2014). The graph below (Appendix L) illustrates sheltered versus unsheltered people in the Houston community in 2014.

(Appendix L)