Objective/Criterion B: Planning

Before any service action is planned or performed, a “Proposal for Action” (Appendix A) was created.

Proposal for Action

The homeless problem was researched in our community. The homeless shelters researched included:

  1. The Star of Hope Mission;

  2. SEARCH Homeless Services, and

  3. Covenant House

Emphasis is being placed on SEARCH Homeless Services in Houston, Texas.

  1. The overview of the planned service action was to provide indirect services to Houston’s homeless community by creating an online fundraiser for SEARCH Homeless Services and a personal website to market the online fundraiser.

  1. By the end of the IB community project, I will have created and held a successful online fundraiser, learned how to create and market a personal website, and provided indirect services to the homeless population within our community.

  1. The two variables that I will use to measure success include the following:

X: Amount of days the website is up and running

Y: People per day

“y= 1d + 6” - 1d equals one day and 6 equals how many people were aware of homelessness on the day of using the personal website.

The Need

SEARCH Homeless Services needs money, food, supplies, and other items for their guests.

The Global Context and How it Connects to the IB Community Project’s Goal

The global context, Globalization and Sustainability, connects to my project’s goal by showing how we are all connected, making decisions about global issues, and acting in a responsible way to make the world a better place.

Critical thinking skills will be used (Approaches to Learning/ATL) to calculate the data/variables based on the number of people visiting the website.

Timeline for Action/Development Process/Self-Management Skills

  1. What is my timeline for the action? I began my project in the fall. I initially planned to volunteer at the Houston Food Bank; however, I revised my proposal and goal statement during winter break. The revision set my timeline back by a week. I quickly pivoted and made revisions to my goal statement and proposal. The revised timeline began in December 2020 and ended on February 28, 2021. The online fundraiser and personal website were completed in January 2020. The fundraiser ended on February 28, 2021. I utilized my process journal to keep track of my progress. This was a big help.

  1. Who do I need to contact to help me complete my service? I will provide indirect services to SEARCH Homeless Services and I do not need to contact anyone. The money being raised for the online fundraiser will be sent directly to SEARCH Homeless Services.

  1. What materials do I need to complete my service? A computer, wi-fi, electricity, and research skills.

  1. What are some possible obstacles to success? Marketing my online fundraiser.

  1. What are the criteria for your planned product/outcome? (What do you want to happen?) I will raise money for Houston’s homeless community by with an online fundraiser for SEARCH Homeless Services and marketing the fundraiser on JustGiving. I set my fundraising goal for two hundred dollars. I hope to help the homeless community in Houston.