Hogg Middle School IB Community Project Artwork (About). (n.d.). Hogg M.S.

Title: Helping Houston's Homeless IB Community Project

School: Lanier Middle School

Student: Dominic Amador

Supervisor: Ms. Elena Cantu

Academic Year: 2020 - 2021

Goal Statement

I will reflect on how everything in the world is connected, and explore how I can act responsibly while serving Houston’s homeless community. I will serve Houston’s homeless community indirectly by creating an online fundraiser for SEARCH Homeless Services, and creating a personal website to market the online fundraiser.

Goal Highlight

The goal highlight is to provide indirect services to the homeless community in Houston, Texas.

Explain how the Global Context connects to your project’s goal

The global context, Globalization and Sustainability, connects to my project’s goal by showing how we are all connected, making decisions about global issues, and acting in a responsible way to make the world a better place. All humans are connected in one way or another. When one human suffers, others suffer. Homelessness is not sustainable. How can our way of life and the systems we have in place last long term? The best IB strand for my goal is the impact of decisions on local and global issues.

Help Houston's homeless. Please consider donating to my fundraiser. Take action today and be a part of the solution.

Click or scan the QR code to the left to contribute. It's fast, easy, and your donation will go directly to SEARCH Homeless Services.